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Monday, September 10, 2012

Tabeo: A Child Focused Tablet

In CIO:  Not sure I agree.  Why not just have a collection of Apps aimed at the child?  Yet I imagine it will engage the parent that is not comfortable with the tablet idea to begin with.  And being child proof to some degree will may along make it worthwhile.  " ... The Toys "R" Us Tabeo is a 7-inch, multi-touch tablet. It offers 4 GB of internal flash memory, which is expandable through a microSD slot. Tabeo features 50 free, preinstalled apps that the retailer said it "carefully selected to entertain and educate children." Toys "R" Us is also launching an app store for Tabeo.  ... " 

1 comment:

kj said...

I wonder about this product. You can already get the Google tablet for about $50 dollars more. I wonder if the downgraded specs on this make it a long term viable investment. If I’m going to spend $150 on something I really want it to last for awhile and grow with my kid. This looks like it will be an expensive short lived toy for my kids. Already there are issues with technology getting outdated quickly will this suffer the same. I remember some of the ‘kid’ laptop type toys that had cartridges those were soon left behind because you couldn’t grow the apps with kids.
Seems like an app that locks down a tablet and a good case are much better ways to go.