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Friday, September 28, 2012

Intel Shows Roadmap

Correspondent Michael Curran of Micro Industries, a company we used extensively for in-store displays,  posts about Intel's Developer's forum, which I do not normally follow.   He suggests this shows a roadmap for technologies destined for intelligent retail signs:

" ... Each September, Intel® demonstrates its latest technology innovations at Intel’s Developer Forum (IDF) in San Francisco. In addition to the traditional rollout of new microprocessors, this year Intel unveiled a number of software initiatives that leverage their recently acquired assets at Wind River and MacAfee to provide a basis for the next generation of personal and embedded computer applications. From a digital signage perspective, the most interesting aspect are Intel’s new software tools that make it easier to integrate various types of interactive technologies into digital signage applications. ...From Intel’s perspective, I am sure that these tools are targeted at the Ultra-Book market but their relevance to the digital signage market is significant. Intel is poised to deliver software development tools that address touchscreen interfaces, gesture control, voice control and facial recognition along with a number of enhancements to their currently available tools for Anonymous Video Analytics (AVS) ... " 

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