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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Diagnostic Tricorder Challenge

In GigaOM:  Via the nonprofit Qualcomm Foundation.  The interconnection of a number of complex sensors to a smart phone style telecommunications device.  In particular, the sensors that are currently built into smartphones do not cover all the needs of physical monitoring involved.   The potential rewards, though, are considerable.  Join the challenge.  Also, how might this be seen as an augmented reality challenge?   " ... Better sensors could change the way consumers diagnose and monitor their physical ailments. So maybe your smartphone becomes an EKG monitor, or perhaps you buy a device that measures 5 vital signs at once as opposed to a digital thermometer. We learn more in this video.  The combination of sensors and mobile networks are changing the way we interact with the health system. Maybe it’s the addition of a jacket on your phone that can monitor our heartbeat or even a program that allows a user to track their sleep, but the world of medicine is set for a big shift.... "

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