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Monday, February 15, 2010

Layar Takes a Big Step Forward

The Layar augmented reality application (AR) has taken a big step forward. It is in talks with some top handset manufacturers, which has led to the speculation that it will come pre-installed on some phones. If so a major win for Layar. They have said they will also create their own store that will have free and pay 'Apps' for a number of different reality layers. This could lead Layar more quickly to a more mainstream business. More in Layar's press release. The key here is to get a critical mass of users involved to socialize their environment. Only then can the idea of 'browsing reality' become common.

Previously I have written here about the Junaio AR environment. Will take a look at the Layar environment as well. I think there is real potential for AR augmenting retail environments. Update: In a negative note I see that the Layar application has been removed from the IPhone store due to quality control issues.
Update2: Its back again, but apparently only for the IPhone GS2.

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