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Sunday, February 07, 2010

Better Ways to Manage Knowledge

Good piece on the subject, they relate some of the same problems we saw in the enterprise regarding institutionalizing knowledge ... and implementing a solution. Note that they have looked into gaming environments for insight into solutions. I like looking far afield from the obvious.

A Better Way to Manage Knowledge
from Voices - HarvardBusiness.org by John Hagel III and John Seely Brown

' ... It's an understandable concern. Knowledge management, after all, was probably the hottest topic in management in the 1990s. "If only our company knew what our company knows" was the mantra in those days. With knowledge becoming the most important factor of production, surely competitive success awaited those companies that could effectively manage what their employees knew.

But we all know by now that despite massive investments and a lot of highly motivated people knowledge management in some instances didn't yield all the benefits it could have. The best KM systems succeeded at capturing and institutionalizing the knowledge of the firm. But for the most part the repositories and directories remained fragmentary and the resources didn't get used. The folks with the knowledge were often reluctant to put what they knew into the database. The folks seeking the knowledge often had trouble finding what they needed ... '

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