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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Grocery Barcode Scanning Comparison

For a research investigation I have been comparing smartphone-based 2D barcode scanners using an IPhone 3G. Specifically for typical grocery scans of multiple items in a bright light environment. Another requirement is that the device needs to be a relatively standard version that would be used by a typical shopper.

I have mentioned a number of tests I have done with the Redlaser App, which has made some excellent recent updates. Notably speeding up the scan and allowing quick continuous multiple scans, typical at-shelf usage. And its integration with a the popular Shopper application.

Another IPhone example I have just tested is ShopSavvy from Big in Japan. This latter system is covered in a recent informative press release. They have recently made several updates of their system. Still the ShopSavvy system is slower, requires better alignment with the code and takes longer to make a match with a product database. I look forward to upcoming updates that will make them more competitive.

I continue to make these tests in both laboratory and real store environments. If anyone else has other applications for this kind of scanning application let me know. I would also invite anyone who has testable beta versions they would like us to test to contact me so we can include them as well. My contact information is in the left column. Pass this on.

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