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Monday, February 01, 2010

GS1 Mobile in Retail Paper

Have been members of GS1 for many years, download their excellent 34-page paper on Mobile retail below, they write:

" .... We're pleased to announce the publication of the "Mobile in Retail" White Paper. You can see it free here: http://www.gs1.org/mobile/mir.

Potential for brands and retailers identified

The white paper explores the opportunities for brands and retailers as consumers begin to use mobile phones to plan their shopping and during visits to stores. It identifies clear potential to:

• increase sales
· increase customer satisfaction and loyalty
· add value to physical products and experiences through digital services

Key questions answered

By examining the current and future state of mobile services relevant to retail such as extended packaging, mobile coupons, loyalty, store location, shopping lists and self-scanning, the white paper sets out to answer the following questions:

• What consumer needs can be identified and met using mobile phones in retail environments?
• How can mobile phones support richer, more enjoyable, more efficient and more relevant shopping experiences?
• What changes need to happen in retail stores to support this? .... "


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