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Friday, February 06, 2009

VisiRule Expert Systems Package

I wrote about LPA recently and my own experience with using expert systems for enterprise improvement.

Another way to think about this is a form of business process management (BPM) that can provide more detailed and higher leverage solutions than most BPM packages can. Most importantly, these methods display the logic transparently and graphically, to help check and maintain it.

Clive Spenser writes that that LPA has announced an update to their VisiRule package
" ... its graphical charting tool which lets business professionals draw, test and generate business-rules applications either on the Desktop or the Internet.

VisiRule allows developers to design and deliver commercial rule-based systems, expert systems, and knowledge-based systems on Pcs and Internet. Business experts just draw the decision logic using a point-and-click paradigm and input the conditional logic to use at the relevant branching points.

This means that business experts no longer need to involve a sophisticated programmer to build decision support systems - they just need to understand their decision-making process.

VisiRule allows experts to rapidly produce accurate diagrams which they can then share and discuss with colleagues who are also involved with the business process at hand ... "

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