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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Locations too Honest

I see that GMail has added a new optional feature to its signatures. It will add a location designation that it derives from an IP address. In an article, Wired suggests that any such features should allow you to control the truth, in other words lie about your location. I can see reasons why you would not want your location (city, not street address) sent out, but that is a matter of not opting-in and not lying.

When I used to travel often to exotic locations I added a truthful location line to my signature, like an author scribbling in Tahiti. I was there but I was looking at grimy store shelves. More exotic than West Chester, Ohio. I vote for truthfulness. Consider the consequences if you are a spy, hiding from your boss or have other specialty concerns. Anyway, it does not seem to work if you have a signature that you have constructed yourself.

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