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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Wolfram Mathematica Home Edition

Mathematica is a great package. I used it extensively in the enterprise. Yet it has always been too expensive for the typical home user. Now they have released a home edition for $295. Still high for home use. I can understand that they don't want to lose many full package sales to this, but too few people know about the package. Have not looked at in any detail yet so I cannot compare this to a full package for the individual at $2495. I like their blog, but it is also more oriented to the advanced user. They need one with examples for the home edition and make sure that K-12 and some college teachers are aware of it.

Mathematica Home Edition: Discover, Create, and Explore
February 5, 2009--Wolfram Research today announced the availability of Mathematica Home Edition, a release that for the first time lets people explore their personal interests using all the power of Mathematica at a fraction of the cost.

"Over the last two years, as we've delivered powerful new capabilities and integrated vast banks of curated data, we've realized that Mathematica is not just the perfect tool for those on the frontiers of research, in the top echelons of academia, and throughout mainstream engineering, finance, and science," said Peter Overmann, Director of Software Technology at Wolfram Research ... "

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