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Thursday, February 19, 2009


Ken Karakotsios of DecisionPower, a long time correspondent of mine is in the midst of putting together a blog about simulation topics. I will report on that when it is ready. Update: It is now up and running.

I reviewed the DecisionPower site today and I was reminded of the remarkable work he and his group have done. He worked with us a few years ago and some of what he did was particularly clever in its application to understanding market complexity. What they created ended up being a an important and key method for us and then evolved into a number of valuable approaches.

He is now developing new econometric models and that could help companies in uncertain times. These folks are very good. I have mentioned their online marketing mix method called Adplanit here a number of times. Advertisers should flock to this approach. They are also experienced at developing smartphone applications and have examples out for the IPhone.

I write this now because Ken informs me that they have had to consider putting the company on hiatus due to the current tightened economic situation. I urge you to look at their products and services. If you need a strong predictive model built for a market, economy or process that needs to be improved for these turbulent times, they are the ones to consider. The also have the ability to add gaming aspects to your model to help your employees compete for the best solution. I have seen their work, tested it in real environments and it is impressive.

Contact Ken at the links above, or contact me to fill you in on my view of their abilities.

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