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Monday, December 01, 2008

Unilever Cutting Colors

Cutting Down on Colors Could Save Unilever $26 Million
Billions Up for Grabs for Marketers Willing to Reduce Number of Tints in Packaging ... "
I understand the sustainability and cost arguments here, but having been involved with first-moment-of-truth applications, it appears also to be risky. Limiting your sensory palette, making it hard to see or distinguish your product on the shelf, may cost you far more than $26 million.


Anonymous said...

Unilever's solution is based on 'Chapter 1' from design agency LFH (www.lfh.co.uk).

Franz Dill said...

Thanks for the pointer, Wim ... I took a look at the link you provided which helps outline what LFH is about, would still love to see more detail about how they address the potential marketing and merchandising in store issues that might arise.