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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Blowing into your Cell Phone

There have been a number of keyboard instruments for the IP, so when I first read of a wind instrument app I thought ... how would that work?

There is an Ocarina app. You blow into the mic, which is real genius. It converts the rush of air into a note. My wind instrument experienced sons think it is less than ideal, but agreed the idea was clever. There are a number of competitors now that are using the same approach.

There has been one warning that blowing moist air into the IPhone could rot the electronics. Don't know if that is true. Mine is OK for now.

I bought it ($0.99) and have played it for a month or so. Fun ... though it annoys the aforementioned sons. Also looks odd in public so I avoid that.

It also has a 'social' aspect ... in one mode your can listen to Ocarina players live, from all over the world, superimposed on a zoom able globe. Most are not very good, but the whole thing has a very 'age of Aquarius' kind of mood to it that is intriguing as well.

The breath thing is interesting .... if you had other kinds of embedded biometrics sensors you could do breath analysis, etc. I see now that an attachment has been made to do that.

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