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Friday, December 12, 2008

Neuromarketing at the Crossroads

A very good overview article about practical brain understanding for marketing in the online magazine Colloquy: The Art and Science of Customer Value. I see Colloquy is located near me here in Milford Ohio. Some good descriptions of some of the groups that are currently operating in the space, views of some of the challenges for neuromarketing, and some case examples of the technology's marketing applications to date

The Neuromancers, by Rick Ferguson

Is there a "buy button" inside the human brain? That’s the billion-dollar question—and to answer it, a new generation of marketers is coming for your customers’ brains. Their work will impact marketing budgets, reward design, dialogue marketing, customer segmentation and more. Join COLLOQUY as we slide into the MRI machine for a closer look at the burgeoning field of neuromarketing and explore the implications for loyalty marketers.... "

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