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Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Single Use IOT Devices

Provoking piece. Thinking of applications like the Amazon Dash as a means to attach to narrow markets.  And also thinking about the security.   As mentioned, it is about convenience.  But also about how that convenience can be attached to location, leading to focusing of replenishment.

In ReadWrite: The Ridiculous World of Single-Use IoT Devices by Ryan Matthew Patterson

" ... There is also a rise of single-use IoT devices that only do one thing, and that one thing is only really useful in occasional circumstance. It’s actually difficult to find many cases of single-use IoT devices in today’s ecosystem.  ....   Perhaps the biggest example of this category is the Amazon Dash Button. We’ve written about this device before, both in how its original purpose takes the concept of IoT too far and how its extended purpose could make IoT technologies more useful. ... "

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