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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Tactile Intelligence

 Intelligence requires sensors,  so the sense of touch needs to be refined for robots to have complete intelligence.  Good piece on developments in this area:

 Why Tactile Intelligence Is the Future of Robotic Grasping
By Vincent Duchaine

The simple task of picking something up is not as easy as it seems. Not for a robot, at least. Roboticists aim to develop a robot that can pick up anything—but today most robots perform “blind grasping,” where they’re dedicated to picking up an object from the same location every time. If anything changes, such as the shape, texture, or location of the object, the robot won’t know how to respond, and the grasp attempt will most likely fail.

Robots are still a long way off from being able to grasp any object perfectly on their first attempt. Why do grasping tasks pose such a difficult problem? Well, when people try to grasp something they use a combination of senses, the primary ones being visual and tactile. But so far, most attempts at solving the grasping problem have focused on using vision alone.   ...  " 

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