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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Game Based Learning

An obvious space for the idea, would like to see it taken further.  See my long term coverage of gamification and serious games at the links below.  We even had some successes in the otherwise somber enterprise.   Still following.

The rise of game-based learning by Alice Savage meets the children taking gamification to the next level by learning to code through their own games  ... 

With many affordable products on the market, game-based learning is becoming a recognisable feature of the British classroom. Learning subjects through games can greatly improve pupil engagement in a subject and provide teachers with instant feedback, analytics and other teaching tools that can tailor a learning programme for each individual student. The rise of game-based learning has now paved the way for a new level of engagement from students with new opportunities arising for them to learn to make their own games  ... " 

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