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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Value of Functional Packaging

Always an interesting idea, and augmented reality and smartphones bring new capabilities forward. When will they actually create engagement, provide value?    To be clear,  the examples don't have to be that technological:

" ... In  June, Zappos ran a campaign called #ImNotaBox, which involved shipping boxes printed with a variety of templates for cutting and folding the empty packaging into a number of new functional items, according to Adweek. By following the instructions, recipients could give a Zappos box a second life as a smartphone holder, geometric planters and a decorative 3-D llama, among other things.

Zappos’ campaign speaks both to the importance of retailers finding new ways to provide experiential enjoyment beyond just the product being purchased, and to the serious look that retail is taking at promoting waste reduction and reusability.   ... " 

More discussion In Retailwire.

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