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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

A Conversation about the State of AI

Link to talk with Peter Norvig who is Director of Research at Google.  We used his text as an intro to AI and it is still very popular.  This is not ot a technical talk.  It is very non hype.

It reminds me of similar discussions in the early 90s on AI.  Notable that 'rule based systems',  is still brought up, just as it was back then. Also the implication that there is no magic as yet,  or really any automatic autonomy.  Just hard coding ahead.   Also a continued nod to open source systems.

Applications of AI technologies: Peter Norvig in conversation with Tim O'Reilly
Exploring the rise of conversational interfaces, how AI will change the way programmers create software, and open source tools for AI and machine learning. ...  "

Video by Tim O'Reilly -  Peter Norvig   July 19, 2016

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