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Monday, July 18, 2016

On Useful Intelligence Augmentation

A talk with Pattie Maes about Intelligence augmentation, a favorite topic,  We had been members of the Media lab years ago, and had been intrigued by her practical consumer applications of AI.   She continues to address useful AI, in Echo: 

" ... Maes: I started out doing artificial intelligence, basically trying to study intelligence and intelligent behavior by synthesizing intelligent machines. I realized that what I've been doing in the last seven years could better be referred to as intelligence augmentation, so it's IA as opposed to AI. I'm not trying to understand intelligence and build this stand-alone intelligent machine that is as intelligent as a human and that hopefully teaches us something about how intelligence in humans may work; instead what I'm doing is building integrated forms of man and machine, and even multiple men and multiple machines, that have as a result that one individual can be super-intelligent. So it's more about making people more intelligent and allowing people to be able to deal with more stuff, more problems, more tasks, more information. Rather than copying ourselves, I'm building machines that can do that. ... " 

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