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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Fabric Software for Visual Programming

New way to visually program.  I built software for years, so understand the embedded power,  but always believed there had to be a better way.  Can visual methods be precise enough to construct algorithms, and reduce errors and document its own process?   Visuals shown are impressive: 

" ...  Fabric have just announced that it will be introducing a new visual programming tool which the company believes will be make creation both easier and more dynamic. SIGGRAPH 2016 will mark the debut of the software.

An addition to the existing Canvas visual programming suite, Blocks which will ship with Fabric Engine 2.3 will expand on the existing functionality and Blocks allows users to create solutions they’d previously only been able to envision through writing code.

“Blocks are Canvas graph containers for user-provided functionality within a preset – the “block” inside a “for” loop is literally a Canvas graph. With Blocks, technical directors can create complex presets (either graphically or with code) exposing only the controls that make sense for non-technical users to modify. Users can then modify the preset by filling in the content of the blocks – visually — without needing to know all the details of the preset.” Explains the company in their announcement.... " 

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