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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Amazon Echo and Business Intelligence

Been looking at potential business applications of the Amazon Echo.  Like many virtual advisory applications, you can think of potential 'hands free'  scenarios, but these are relatively rare in the back office.  And rarer yet in stationary situations.     Sisense, a business intelligence supplier, believes there is engagement value in such an advisor.  CWeek is skeptical, as I am, but am looking forward to a demonstration:

" .... So what is Sisense actually doing here?
In the case of Amazon Echo, Sisense is allowing business users to ask questions and hear results in real time. Apparently, that is driving an increased efficiency and engagement. The idea being that a business user won't run a query about, say, regional Midwest sales this year versus last in a visualization tool. Instead, a user will ask Amazon Echo to perhaps play a song that matches the sentiment of salespeople in the U.S. versus those in Europe. Or something like that. Apparently, the ease of conversation drives increased engagement with data and opens access to BI insights. Or something. It's all about humanizing data consumption, apparently  ....  " 

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