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Saturday, July 23, 2016

What is Cognitive Analytics?

Good question.  Larry Smith gens up a good answer:

"  ....  Cognitive analytics focuses on the analytical thinking you do in your mind, just with a cognitive machine. With cognitive computing technology as its backbone, cognitive analytics provides people a thinking partner to process and analyze information in context to their decision-making process. Cognitive analytics creates a human-machine partnership to help people make better, clearer and faster decisions.  .... " 

Read the rest.  So a focused virtual assistant to do the 'math' that people don't like to do?   It does mean we have to link to an interaction or conversation with the cognitive machine.  So we can see how Facebook Messenger's interaction, with their billion users,  is a good place to try.  But will that work, or will the bots just annoyingly get in the way?

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