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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Time of Day Shopping

In PopAI:  An area that we explored in our laboratory stores, but not in this predictive detail: " ... Dr Scott G. Dacko, an associate professor in marketing and strategic management at the UK Warwick Business School, published a paper Time-of-Day Services Marketing that combined research in sociology, geography, biology, physiology, psychology and marketing to create a new marketing strategy called “Time-of-Day.” Dacko suggests that we can predict when certain types of people will shop, and in turn retailers can tailor their stores for certain times of the day for optimal sales. “Night owls are more creative, flexible and drink more coffee, while early birds are more conscientious, agreeable and emotionally stable,” Dr Dacko said to CMO. “This knowledge can guide companies’ marketing tactics to increase customer satisfaction through the provision of unique time-of-day service and product offerings.” ... " 

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