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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Carver Mead on Quantum Computing

In CACM:     Carver Mead was an early inspiration for our advanced computing and sensor work.   In particular about the use of optical sensors.   Here he writes about the future of computing in quantum space. New kinds of electronics that could and likely will change our world.  Again inspirational.

" ... Quantum computing and neuromorphic computing are still such tiny, peripheral things compared to the semiconductor industry, though. ... It always starts that way. The transistor was a tiny little wart off a big industry, and people said, “Oh, well, you can make hearing aids out of them.” You never know when something’s going to click. ... " 

See his recent book:  Collective Electrodynamics: Quantum Foundations of Electromagnetism
By Carver A. Mead.

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