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Thursday, November 14, 2013

DARPA Learning Machines

New kinds of machine learning have been an emphasis of DARPA.  In Wired,   " ... The Pentagon’s blue-sky research agency is readying a nearly four-year project to boost artificial intelligence systems by building machines that can teach themselves — while making it easier for ordinary schlubs like us to build them, too.

When Darpa talks about artificial intelligence, it’s not talking about modeling computers after the human brain. That path fell out of favor among computer scientists years ago as a means of creating artificial intelligence; we’d have to understand our own brains first before building a working artificial version of one. But the agency thinks we can build machines that learn and evolve, using algorithms — “probabilistic programming” — to parse through vast amounts of data and select the best of it. After that, the machine learns to repeat the process and do it better.... "

Recall previously discussed, DARPA's xData Project,   I see that a number of the external links on this thread have oddly now gone away, so I have corrected them to a general source.

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