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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Storytelling Nodes of New Technologies

If you have followed this space for a long time, you know I cover many technologies and their implications.  Most of which I started looking at in the enterprise a long time ago.  One person who was on a parallel track is colleague Dr. Keith Caserta.   He has done something very different to communicate his long term findings.  He has written a science fiction novel.   I spoke to him today about his work.

Science fiction is speculative, exploratory, but also revealing in its view of our future direction.  Just finished reading it, and it is a great job. I was struck by his touching on many of my own areas of interest and experience. Also it's a very well told story, combining both an engineering view and human elements in this sometimes scary and uncertain future.   Along the way you get plausible tales of DARPA, Cyc, AI, Neural Networks, Singularities and Quantum Computing.

Available in an inexpensive Kindle edition: Soul Searching (The Nodes of God Series) by Keith Caserta

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