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Friday, November 22, 2013

New Tableau with Boxplots and R

Have used the Tableau Software  data visualization, we looked at it before it came out of Stanford University around 2002.   I continue to use it, among other visualization systems.  The latest version, 8.1, has some useful features, I note in particular, boxplots and links to R.  You can try it at the link above.  They write:
" ... Tableau 8.1 delivers many features you asked for, as well as breakthrough ideas that will help you see and understand data in new ways.

Dive deeper into your data with new analytics features like integration with R, box-and-whisker plots, and calculations like RANK and PERCENTILE. Integrate Tableau with your whole enterprise with SAML authentication, IPv6 support and 64-bit software.

You’ll also see a number of usability enhancements, like updates to freeform dashboards, quick filters, and support for changing the start of the week. All of it at unparalleled speed and ease. ... " 

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