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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Six Degrees of Connection to P&G

After publishing a item about an infographic I liked,  about products we buy, it was pointed out that some of the data was incorrect.  That is true.  But I was also pointed to another infographic about c-Suite connections to P&G. With the challenge:  " .... Businesses are truly part of the world economy and this infographic shows just a handful of the ways that some of the big brands around the world are connected. Six degrees of Kevin Bacon is so passe. Try six degrees of Procter and Gamble for a real challenge ... " .  I would point out that this is not an infographic but an interactive connectivity graph.  The connectivity implied here is any former alumni relationship with P&G.

Corporate Connections

Click anywhere on the graphic to show full page and enlarge. 
This graphic is also from http://visual.ly 

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