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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

International Institute for Analytics

Brought to my attention by Joe Sunderman, who I had the pleasure to talk to yesterday about my view of analytics.  The International Institute for Analytics.  " .... The authority on analytics maturity and best practices. ... Co-Founded by CEO Jack Phillips and Research Director Thomas H. Davenport, IIA is the hub of a network of analytics experts committed to knowing and sharing the keys to success in an economy increasingly driven by data. ... IIA guides research clients as they build and grow their analytics programs. With our in-depth research library, phone-based and in-person events, and custom training and advisory services, our clients get the guidance and expertise needed to compete on analytics and win. ... " 

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Unknown said...

IICIE is a global center of innovations and entrepreneurs offering training, certifications (CBIM) and membership in the fields of Technology, Biotech, Green Energy, Gaming and New Media.