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Monday, November 25, 2013

Need Business Analytics Help?

Need help with business analytics?  Big Data visualization, analysis and mining?   Writing, Speaking, Managing.  Strategy and Tactics.  Over thirty years of experience.  Available.

My updated resume.

Use the contact information at link, or click below for text resume.

Resume 11/17/2013

Cincinnati Ohio 45241
(513) 405 7387

http://eponymouspickle.blogspot.com/ (Daily update of current writing)


Leadership and expertise position that utilizes expertise in leading-edge business problem solving capabilities in many enterprise systems including supply chain, manufacturing, R&D, marketing, HR and innovation systems.

Leadership, project management and expertise driven position in Big Data Predictive analytics, Problem solving and Data visualization.


Proven analytical problem solver with the ability to identify and apply solutions to complex business challenges. Known for achieving results with significant financial impact. Sought-after consultant regarding emerging capabilities throughout the corporation. Consultant to CEO, CIO, Executive Teams, external clients and corporate initiatives.

Work with the US Department of Defense, DARPA, Procter & Gamble, GE, Intuit, Fifth Third and other companies. Actively working with a number of Business Analytics Startups. On Quant analysis board at the University of Cincinnati. Worked with Stanford, MIT, Wharton and other academic initiatives. Prolific writer, speaker and consultant on analytical methods.

Proven Strengths to:

- Integration of advanced retail methods to broad range of business problems
- Understanding of how data intelligence can deliver CPG and retailer value.
- Envision, Communicate and implement solutions to business problems
- Introduce leading edge technologies to executive management
- Collaborate across business units to apply standard technology innovations
- Bring together external vendors and internal clients to solve business problems


- Founder, Procter & Gamble’s Retail Innovation Center, now replicated at 18 other global sites.

- Consultant to China’s BJ Hualian Innovation Center Project. Mentioned in their 2004 Annual Report.

- Established networking team to bring in professional networks like LinkedIn to P&G

- Founder and leader P&G Analytics Competency Group.

- Founding member of P&G biometric data gathering and analysis group.

- Board Member: University of Cincinnati School of Business, Quantitative Analysis

- Team member and consultant to deliver focused BI capabilities via dashboards to key managers at P&G

- Research Fellow, SNCR ‘Society of New Communications Research’

- Author of many internal articles on emergent technology solutions. Editor of an internal P&G blog that is read by over a thousand people a week.

- Developed portfolio visualization system for use by P&G executives to understand research portfolios. This method is now featured in RG Cooper’s classic book on portfolio analysis

- Constructed a novel system to visualize and optimize P&G’s North American Finished Product Sourcing system, which led to $275 million in savings. This system was a finalist in the Informs Edelman award competition. This project is now featured as a case study in a best-selling management sciences text.

- Team leader in development of an expert system to blend Folgers coffee. This system, still in use today, has saved P&G in excess of $20 million dollars a year in green coffee costs.

- Member of P&G Artificial Intelligence Core Team, a group that collaborated with Teknowledge Inc, to deliver several key AI applications to the company. Multi-million dollars of value produced.

- Corporate representative to the Institute for the Future, a Silicon Valley technology futures group.

- Invited speaker on the use of emerging technologies at a number of internal and external venues, including Rutgers University, Wharton Business School, MIT, University of Cincinnati, Xavier University, University of Chicago Business School, Cornell University, University of Kentucky, Informs, and the Santa Fe Institute.

- Pioneer in the use of advanced business analytics and the use of interactive visualization techniques. Invited speaker on this topic at several companies and universities.


Consultant with PKL Knowledge Partners, Cincinnati, OH 2007- Present

Consultant to Procter and Gamble and 10 other retailers, manufacturers and startups
In Business Intelligence, Retail Innovation, Data Mining and Systems improvement.

THE PROCTER & GAMBLE COMPANY, Cincinnati, OH 1977-1982, 1985-2007

Technology leader within the Information Technology Organization, including the following key assignments:

Director of Technology, Beckett Ridge Innovation Center . Work with technology vendors to deliver retail technology solutions to client customers. Helped form the current network of sixty innovation centers worldwide.

Information Technology Research Organization, a select group of six information technologists reporting to the CIO to identify key technology directions for the company.

Analytics Center of Expertise, Chief Scientist. Responsible for the identification of technologies and the application to decision science business problems.

Corporate New Ventures. Research portfolio analysis and knowledge management systems development.

Coffee Analytics group, Section Manager. Managed group responsible for delivering operations research technologies to Folgers manufacturing and purchasing groups.

Competency Leader, Analytics. Developed the concept of an analytics competency within P&G. Formed an analytics competency group to measure and promote the use of analytics.

Artificial Intelligence Core Team. Responsible for several expert systems applications. Collaborated with external AI vendors and academic resources. Several of these systems are still in use today.

Analytics and Graphics, Systems Analyst. Developed some early visualizations of manufacturing systems, delivered on Apple, IBM 5120, HP and Tektronix systems.

OPTIMAL DECISION SYSTEMS, Cincinnati, OH 1982-1985

Director of Systems Development. Developed several logistics optimization systems, including carrier management, freight consolidation and sourcing analysis.

SHANDS TEACHING HOSPITAL, Gainesville, FL 1975-1977

HMO systems analyst. Built personnel management systems for HMOs.


Battlefield simulation analyst. Managed the systems operation of large scale simulation systems.
Advanced geographical information systems development and management.
Predictive analytics methods using simulation systems.


UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA, M.S. Operations Research 1977
VIRGINIA TECH, Coursework in Computer Science under DOD scholarship 1975


Santa Fe Institute
American Institute for Artificial Intelligence
Institute for the Future
Neural Network Society

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