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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Examining SAP's Lumira

During the early phases of Data Visualization we took a look at a number of solutions.    SAP was the ERP solution for the enterprise, so we looked at their Business Objects solution for what we called business intelligence then, and is still used in delivery developments like P&G's Business Sphere, tied to developments (and hyped) methods like Big Data,

I was unaware of the details of SAP's Lumira, took a quick look at a demo last year, but have just started to get a deeper look.  I like the implication of storyboarding solutions, but not yet seen how that links to the decision process.   Here briefly described:   " ... With businesses spanning across various new and innovative functions, SAP AG is also evolving at every stage and their latest product the SAP Lumira proves nothing less of this evolutionary growth.  ... SAP Lumira is simply put a data visualization tool which proves to be one of the best available in the market today. Developed from the family of SAP AG, SAP Lumira enables you to combine your data into visualizations in the form of storyboards and organize this data in a more meaningful way. ... " 

Send me any thoughts you have on Limira and I will publish them.  Want to tell me more or do a proof of concept, contact me.

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