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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wikipedia Mobile

I have not been overly impressed with useful applications on the Iphone. Recently I downloaded Wikipanion, a free application that makes it a bit easier to search the WP from your Iphone. It was always possible to do this with the Iphone's Safari browser, but the text shows up very small, and you have to zoom in to read it at all. So the new app is a way to get to the text more quickly.

As a knowledge junkie, who often finds himself looking up things remotely, this is good. The text is large, which some folks don't like, but it is easier to read. It has some minor glitches, in the process of being fixed. You also cannot edit articles or search for un-indexed words within article text.

I also find myself doing inadvertent clicks. That's a fault with touch screens, but made more frequent by high WP link density. There is another application, iWik, for $0.99, that is similar.

Update:In the latest update Wikipanion now allows you to control font size.

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