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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Road Warriors Re-Arming

I have been a computer assisted road-warrior for as long as that has been possible. I used to carry a little wiring kit that allowed me to use an analog phone's connection so I could link it to my modem. That often meant crawling under a hotel bed in rural Pennsylvania to find the wall connection. I always returned the wiring to its original state.

Even dragged around 'luggable' computers, lifting them into the overheads and hoping for the best. One of those computers now sits in the archives, a bit incongruously labeled as our 'first laptop'.

Another revolution occurred in the early days of the Blackberry. A test was started with the executives to see if we could replace their travel machines with Blackberries. Of course that did not work, almost every one now had to have at least two devices, and sometimes more. The IT group was not pleased with the increased budget and support needs.

Not long afterward most everyone had to have a Blackberry. A similar thing happened with cell phones, though now we started to see stronger multi tasking between phone and computing device.

Are we on the cusp of seeing the Blackberry and IPhone style devices become the primary computing device for most everyone? This article discusses that. Still think there is a size issue. I want a sportscar with a really roomy interior. If we could only be able to dock them readily in a commonly available standard display or projector, it has a chance.

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