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Friday, August 22, 2008

Unconventional Product Launch

Adage on a new weekly product launch from P&G's Crest, an experiment in buzz marketing. One aspect of the launch was to give out samples to CPG bloggers. Here is one example of the blog press they got, the author speculates:

" ... makes me wonder whether P&G isn’t deliberately stealing a page from the indie-film marketing playbook.

First, work hard to generate some buzz and groundswell.

Then, air commercials as if you’re shocked by the early “spontaneous” buzz: “Gosh really, our little brand? How nice of everyone to notice. We really weren’t expecting this, are we blushing?” ... "


Anonymous said...

Hello Franz,

Thanks for noticing what I wrote about the Crest launch. Just to clarify, I'm just a curious observer. I'm not one of the bloggers P&G is targeting. They're looking for Mommy bloggers.


Franz Dill said...


Good clarification. I knew they were targeting mums, but did not know the details of the targeting. Nice blog!