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Sunday, August 10, 2008

MiFare Hack at Boston's MBTA

Much in the tech news about the apparently successful hack of the Boston transit system's MiFare charging system. A talk in Las Vegas outlining the approach was blocked by a temporary restraining order. Wired has much detail, and from a follow-up press conference.

Hacking is being equated to free speech. Potentially very dangerous hacking in the hands of terrorists. Nearly all the commenters believe that this is perfectly normal behavior that should be at most smiled at. I know the arguments about this ultimately making the system more secure. Maybe, uncertainly, but in the short term it is a dangerous crime.


Jere said...

More dangerous than jumping the turn-style?

Franz Dill said...

Much more dangerous. It's not the free fare that I am concerned with, it is the hacking access and ability to manipulate and destroy confidential systems. These include systems that contain your personal information, those that control vital information systems, medical data and a wealth of other capabilities that make your life richer. I object to making the hacking of the systems that I depend on every day a silly joke.