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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Racing Strategies for Business

Using Formula 1 Racing Strategies : SmithBayes

At a request I took a look at the London consulting firm SmithBayes, which does optimization and analysis systems. What is novel is their approach:
" ... SmithBayes is a software firm that has taken the sophisticated decision technology used in Formula 1 to underpin race strategy. Our decision platform enables decision-makers to map out their options, determine optimal paths and recalibrate strategy as real-world events unfold. By responding intelligently to change our clients have the edge'.

Our product has been derived from a one-off technology transfer of the McLaren Race Strategy technology and enhanced to meet the needs of corporate decision makers. Our focus is to deliver software that is easy to use and visually appealing.
Our driving principle is that strategic decisions are complicated and inherently uncertain. This uncertainty can come from changes in the market, technology, or the actions of competitors or regulators. The decisions are often significant bets in terms of investment or competitive position - yet they still have to be made ... "
They don't provide much detail in their website about how the racing strategy actually drives the business decision process, except that they show many screens that are apparently outputs from simulations.
Many of their examples are portfolio, market investment and analysis. Some emphasis in what-if simulation and visualization. Clients in Aerospace, Engineering, Energy, Financial Markets, Government, Healthcare, Media, Telecoms. Nothing specific in CPG or retail. Worth further examination and a chat with them.

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