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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Playing Yourself in the Future

Andrea Saveri of IFTF writes. Instigated by Jane McGonigal, their resident game designer. I have not tried this yet, but looks to be a good example of a 'serious' game.

" ... I wanted to let you know about a massively multiplayer forecasting game that The Ten Year Forecast Program at IFTF is launching called Superstruct. Home of the game is here. Everyone is invited to play, so please come join us. This isn't role playing; you play yourself in 2019 and help rebuild society. The game runs for 6 weeks and will start mid September, but you can get started now. The TYF team, with leads from Jane McGonigal, Jamais Cascio, and Kathi Vian are behind this. It should be quite an experience ... '

Here is the announcement on FutureNow, here are the FAQs ... a post about it from the Alternate Reality Game Network blog.
Let us know your experiences.

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