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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

ShoppingTrip 360: Infosys

In Technology Review, an article about the just launched:
" ... ShoppingTrip 360, a hosted software application that can track shoppers and inventory, using wireless sensors placed on shelving, promotional displays, and shopping carts. The sensors, which use the 802.15.4 wireless protocol to connect to each other in a mesh network, can send information such as where shoppers stop in a store, what products they pick up, what they put back, what they put in their cart, and whether a product is out of stock. Infosys has also developed an application to let consumers in the store use their cell phones to get information such as store maps, or to access an online shopping list or collection of recipes ... "
Another system to track consumer behavior in retail. With cell phone connections for consumer services. Also, in E-Commerce News. A metaphor used in the article about this is interesting, that Infosys is trying to make the store into a web site. Their site is lacking for many details, but hints at advanced visualization of the data. They also have a set of still barely filled out blogs that track this effort.

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