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Friday, July 15, 2022

LeCun on Vision for the next Generation of AI

 Bold view? Common Sense is near?  More detail and link to talk.

Yann LeCun's Bold New Vision for the Future of AI  By MIT Technology Review, June 28, 2022

Yann LeCun, chief scientist at Meta's artificial intelligence (AI) lab and one of the world's most influential AI researchers, has a bold new vision for the next generation of AI. In a draft document shared with MIT Technology Review, LeCun sketches out an approach that he thinks will one day give machines the common sense they need to navigate the world.

"Getting machines to behave like humans and animals has been the quest of my life," he says. LeCun thinks that animal brains run a kind of simulation of the world, which he calls a world model.

From MIT Technology Review

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This idea that we're going to just scale up the current large language models and eventually human-level AI will emerge—I don't believe this at all, not for one second." -Yann LeCun

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