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Thursday, July 28, 2022

Sonar and Facial Expressions

Another kind of  privacy invasion?

Cornell University researchers have developed EarIO, a wearable earphone device (earable) that can reconstruct the wearer's face using sonar.

Earable  sends facial movements to a smartphone.

A speaker on either side of the earphone transmits acoustic signals to the sides of the face, and a microphone detects the echoes, which change due to facial movements as wearers talk, smile, or raise their eyebrows.

A deep learning algorithm processes and translates that data back into facial expressions via artificial intelligence.   The earable can communicate with a smartphone via a wireless Bluetooth connection, maintaining the user’s privacy. ... 

The image produced by an earable. The device performs as well as camera-based face tracking technology, but uses less power and offers more privacy. ... 

From Cornell University Chronicle     

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