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Thursday, July 28, 2022

Accessibility Challenges

 Working at the edge of  accessibility is very instructive.

For Blind Internet Users, the Fix Can Be Worse Than the Flaws

The New York Times   

Amanda Morris, July 18, 2022

Many people with disabilities say automated accessibility tools have made websites harder to navigate. In some cases, these tools have hidden widgets or incorrectly coded labels for images and buttons. Over 400 businesses using automated accessibility tools or overlays from companies like AudioEye, accessiBe, and UserWay were sued last year over accessibility issues. Further, an open letter from more than 700 accessibility advocates and Web developers has called on organizations to cease their use of accessibility tools given that the "overlays themselves may have accessibility problems" and that many who are blind or low vision already use screen readers or other software to navigate sites. Although the companies offering such tools say their products will improve over time, blind and low vision people argue that it is not fair for them to have to wait when everyday tasks increasingly require them to visit websites.   ..

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