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Saturday, July 23, 2022

Intensive Drone Use in War


In Ukraine War, a Race to Acquire Smarter, Deadlier Drones

By Associated Press, July 19, 2022  in  ACM

Ukrainian servicemen correcting artillery fire by drone at the front line near Kharkiv, Ukraine, on Saturday, July 2, 2022.   ... 

Never in the history of warfare have drones been used as intensively as in Ukraine, where they often play an outsized role in who lives and dies.

Drones are in high demand among both Ukrainians and Russians as the war continues, with both sides seeing their supply depleted, using crowdfunding to replenish their losses, and rushing to build or buy advanced drones that are more resistant to radio interference and GPS jamming.

Hundreds of drones have been shipped to Ukraine by U.S. and other Western allies, including Switchblade 600s that can fly at 70 mph, track targets using artificial intelligence, and carry tank-piercing warheads.

However, these "kamikaze" drones can fly only for about 40 minutes.

In May, the U.S. acquired 121 advanced military drones for Ukraine. Called Phoenix Ghosts, the drones can fly for six hours, destroy armored vehicles, and feature infrared cameras.

Thorsten Chmielus of the German drone company Aaronia said, "Everybody now wants drones, special drones, unjammable and whatsoever," but warns that "everybody will have millions of drones that can't be defeated."

From Associated Press

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