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Saturday, July 30, 2022

Drones for Stadium Security

Examples for upcoming soccer World Cup

World Cup to Use Drones to Help Protect Stadiums

By BBC News, July 26, 2022

A drone interceptor captures a fixed wing drone in mid-air.

This year's World Cup soccer tournament in Qatar will employ autonomous radar-guided interceptor drones from U.S. aerospace company Fortem Technologies for stadium security.

Fortem said its agreement with Qatar's interior ministry reflects anxieties about the threat of potential drone attacks, and its DroneHunter system can safely bring down drones in built-up locations, reducing the risks of injury.  Fortem's Timothy Bean said targets are identified using a "series of very small radars that are distributed throughout the venue, creating a complete picture of the airspace straight up into the air."

The DroneHunters shoot nets to catch target drones, which may then be carried to another site, while nets connected to parachutes can force larger drones to the ground.

Bean said the interceptors carry out their mission "a mile or so away from the venue."

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