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Friday, July 22, 2022

Drone Superhighway?

New to me.  A likely future?   A new kind of infrastructure.

U.K. Project Will Create 165-Mile Drone Superhighway,   By New Atlas, July 21, 2022 

Skyway is expected to enable time-sensitive transportation of goods by automated drones.

The U.K. government has approved plans for a 165-mile drone superhighway that will connect towns and cities across England. Skyway, part of a broader next-generation aviation initiative, will initially be used to survey infrastructure such as roads and ports.

Centered on the town of Reading, Skyway will connect to Oxford, Cambridge, Milton Keynes, and other cities. The U.K. firm Altitude Angel is spearheading the initiative, which, like its 2020 Arrow Drone Zone project, could allow flights from any drone operator meeting specific criteria.

Skyway, which is expected to open within two years, will prevent mid-air collisions using detect-and-avoid technology from Altitude Angel. It also will allow autonomous aircraft to fly beyond the line of sight.

From New Atlas   

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