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Sunday, July 24, 2022

Can Computers Be Mathematicians?

Would make sense, hypotheses could be automatically spun off into tests as needed. 

Can Computers Be Mathematicians?    By The Joy of Why  in ACM Opinion, July 5, 2022

"I think that one of the things that's happening in this collaboration is that computer scientists are beginning to learn more about the nature of what modern mathematics actually looks like." -Kevin Buzzard

For the last few years, researchers and amateurs all over the world have worked together to translate the essential axioms of mathematics into a programming language called Lean. Armed with this knowledge, theorem-proving programs that understand Lean have begun helping some of the world's greatest mathematicians verify their work.

In an interview, Kevin Buzzard, professor of pure mathematics at Imperial College London, talks about the effort to "teach" math to Lean—and how projects like this one could shape the future of mathematics.

From The Joy of Why   

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