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Friday, March 30, 2018

Machine Learning will Lead to Imagination Workers

In Think with Google: Machine Learning, Intelligence: Imagination.

" ... Marketers will be more important, not less

While machine learning and artificial intelligence hold a great deal of promise for brands, it’s understandable that various people throughout your marketing organization might feel a little itch of worry. Could the move toward automation and assistance make their jobs obsolete? 

Rob Norman, former CEO and chief digital officer of GroupM North America, says the exact opposite is true. Evolution, in fact, is insurance against obsolescence. 

“Because as machines do more work for consumers, the need to invest in brand relevance, equity, and familiarity only increases. In other words, the work marketers do is becoming more important, not less.” 

Thirty years ago, he notes, marketers were information workers, then they became intelligence workers. The next step? Imagination workers.    .... " 

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