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Saturday, March 31, 2018

Location Aware Reminders and Intelligence

Always thought there should be better  intelligence based on location.  Here Google Home provides some  capabilities.   Now would like the detection to have multiple conditions, and have it able to do an implied search in between, something like:  "Find a place that sells product X, that will do Y, at a price less than Z, and remind me when I am nearby"  ... then take that yet farther, including my likes, dislikes and interests. 

Here is an example of what Google Home can do now:

 " ... Bring the power of your Google Assistant with you
anywhere. Now you can set a reminder at home and
get it when you arrive at a specific location.

Learn more .... 

Just start with, "Hey Google"

When I get to work, remind me to call Justin ... 

Set a reminder to buy more dog food at the grocery store 
Remind me to pay the bills when I arrive home  .... " 

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