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Monday, May 09, 2011

Getting Something from Nothing but from Someone

A post about my colleague Norm Levy, who I worked with in some particularly innovative projects at the big soap company (Procter & Gamble).  Norm was a pioneer in the advertising world, and has a particularly interesting artistic bent.  Both in timely poetry and the use of twitter. See Rhymes for Our Times.   Most recently he has told us of his use of packing materials to produce some remarkable art.  So is this pack-art, or folk-art?  Or dunnage-art?  He won an award for it and participated in a show.  In the post it is interestingly described as anti-matter. My background is partly in Physics ... so I am not sure I agree with that.  But I do concur on the art part. I have no art training, but I like it. 

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