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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wolfram|Alpha Widgets Beta Announced

This is something that is quite interesting I have just received and am starting to explore. Knowledge should be in the form of installable widgets, shouldn't it? I plan to create some and try them on my blog and pass along my experience. The gallery gives some good examples of what these look like.

Wolfram Research announces: " ... Today we announced the availability of the beta versions of Wolfram|Alpha Widgets and Widget Builder. Widgets are free Wolfram|Alpha-powered mini apps that you can customize and share on your Blog, and with your social networks ... "

Wolfram|Alpha Launches Widgets to Share Computable Facts across the Web
The Wolfram|Alpha Widget Builder Allows Anyone to Create and Share Simple yet Powerful Web Applications the beta versions of Wolfram|Alpha Widgets and Widget Builder, giving anyone the power to create easily shareable interactive modules using its computational knowledge engine. With widgets, people can deliver results from Wolfram|Alpha's vast data repository, sharing their knowledge using simple, powerful, customizable applications. It's so easy that a Wolfram|Alpha widget can be built in only a few steps using the drag-and-drop Widget Builder...

"Widgets are the next step in our goal of making Wolfram|Alpha ubiquitous—available to everyone, everywhere," said Barak Berkowitz, Managing Director, Wolfram|Alpha. "With widgets you get a brand new way to experience the power of Wolfram|Alpha and share it with your readers and friends. By putting the massive data repository and computational capability of Wolfram|Alpha in everyone's hands, we fully expect to be surprised and impressed by the innovative ways people put this power to use in their areas of interest and expertise."

Widgets can be created from any Wolfram|Alpha query. Want to have an app on your blog that calculates the predicted adult height and weight of a child based on his or her current stats? Or how about an app that compares the financial data of two public companies? Or creates a customized nutritional label for any recipe you have? The possibilities are limitless. For more examples of widgets, see the hundreds already in the Widget Gallery....

The beta versions of Wolfram|Alpha Widgets and Widget Builder are available today for free. Release 1.0 will be available later this year. .... "

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